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The Experts in Removing Kentucky Bourbon Stains

March 28, 2024

The Experts in Removing Kentucky Bourbon Stains

Drew's Pressure Washing Services soft washed the Frankfort State Journal Building's stucco surface. This building is directly across the street from the Buffalo Trace Bourbon Distillery. Soft washing differs from pressure washing in that it uses lower water pressure and specialized cleaning solutions to achieve effective cleaning without risking damage to delicate surfaces. Pressure washing relies solely on high-pressure water, which can potentially harm surfaces like roofs, siding, and delicate landscaping. Drew’s Pressure Washing uses this process. We use a special soap that dehydrates the organic algae and bourbon staining and kills it. After the soap does its work, we rinse the surface with low water pressure to remove all of the dead organic algae. By soft-washing the surface (versus pressure washing it), all algae that was previously growing in the pores of the surface is fully killed. This process also prevents the harsh damage that pressure washing can cause to surfaces such as vinyl, soffits, and other house trim. Other companies will likely use high water pressure to remove Bourbon stains and algae. Without using soap, the staining is only temporarily removed, and is never actually killed. This leaves the algae still alive in the pores on the surface, and it will grow back very quickly, making the surface dirty again. This is where Drew’s Pressure Washing Services can make a difference (from other companies) in not only the cleanliness of the building but also the longevity of its cleanliness.

Location: Frankfort, KY

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